Custom Upholstery

*Custom Upholstered Sofas & Club Chairs 
Built-In Banquettes
*Seat Cushions
*Dining Seats
*Custom headboards 
*Decorative Pillows

There is nothing nicer than finishing your custom kitchen with built-in banquette cushions. They give the finishing touch and comfort needed for family and friends. We carry a great selection of durable upholstery fabrics and faux leather for high traffic areas. Many of them are stain, water and oder resistant but they look and feel like fine upholstery fabric.

Custom Upholstery Jobs
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What's the most commonly asked question about reupholstering? "Is it worth it when i can just buy a new piece of funiture?" Well, if your not looking to purchase anything of quality. Yes, you can certainly find a cheaper piece of furniture. Now, if you have a well made solid wood piece or the furniture you have is of sentimental value then its definitely worth upholstering it. First of all, you'll have a hard time finding a piece of similar quality at a fair price. Secondly, when something has been handed down and holds such strong personal meaning to ones family, well thats irreplacable.

Additional Samples

If you have a piece of furniture that is in good condition but you don't want to go through the expense of reupholstering, well a slip cover is a fantastic option. The custom slip covers we make are cut and pinned just like a dress at your home. The furniture do not have to be moved. The slip cover then goes back to the workroom to be sewn and it's then returned to be fitted onto the furniture. Your friends and family will not be able to tell the difference!