Thursday, February 07, 2019


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  1. custom motorized shades
    03 Oct, 2019
    Motorized Remote Controlled Custom Drapery
    Motorization for custom drapery has come a long way. The ease of installing and programming them is not much different than setting up your new smart tv. The tracks come pre assembled and easily joined together for large windows. You just have to have your electrician locate an outlet near where your planning on installing your window treatment and plug it in. The dramatic effect of opening your custom drapes with just a push of you wall mounted control or remote is indescribable. We recently
  2. Those Extra Steps When Upholstering Make The Difference
    18 Jul, 2019
    Those Extra Steps When Upholstering Make The Difference
    When you go to the typical upholstery workroom may times you'll get back the same piece of furniture but wrapped in a different fabric. That's the easy way out and not the way we work. In the process of removing the old fabric we inspect every piece to see if the frame needs to be tightened, glued or rebuilt. Also, the springs, foam or down may need to be freshened up or replaced. So that when you get your furniture back it looks like it just came out of the showroom. On older quality pieces we
  3. Things You Need To Know About Outdoor Furniture
    25 Jun, 2019
    Things You Need To Know About Outdoor Furniture
    Home owners are now preparing their outdoor furniture and summer homes. Here are somethings you need to know about outdoor furniture. First of all, most ready made outdoor cushions have an limited life span. The inserts are made of cheap polyester fill and are sewn closed with no zipper. So they get moldy and can't be washed or recovered. We manufacturer all our outdoor cushions with zippers and we specifically use outdoor foam. Its more pores than regular indoor foam so water passes through it
  4. Remote Controlled Shades
    18 Jun, 2019
    Remote Controlled Shades
    New home owners are embracing remote technology. Everything from TV's, appliances, garage doors and home security is being controlled remotely. They are also great for window treatments that are in hard to reach places. Such as, windows that are located behind large bathroom tubs or for your double height living room windows. Of course there are those of us who just love pressing a button to get things done. The technology has gotten much better and pretty straight forward over the years. The
  5. Old Outdoor Cushions
    11 Jun, 2019
    Old Outdoor Cushions
    Time to begin preparing your outdoor furniture and beach house! When you get the old smelly outdoor cushions out of the garage are musty and feel slimy? Well, chances are that they have mold and a quick cleaning won't help. Customers are under the false impression  that just because the cushions are meant to be outdoor that means that you can leave them outside all season long. Wrong! To get the most longevity for you cushions they should be put in a dry location after a day of use. Leaving them
    07 Mar, 2019
    All new home owners suffer from a very common dilemma when it comes to window treatments and upholstery. They have to decided between (A) whats practical or necessary and (B) whats a luxury or decorative item. The practical things have to do with privacy and protection from the sun. They include cellular shades, roller shades, silhouette shades or wood blinds depending on your taste. When it come to luxury items you have to decide between drapery, roman shades, pillows and upholstery. Our job is
    30 Jan, 2019
    Baby its cold out side! With the frigid cold weather hitting the east coast a lot of home owners are having to deal with drafty windows. We provide two types of custom window treatments solutions for older homes with this type of problem. You can have your custom drapery or roman shades lined with black out lining. It not only blocks out sun light but also creates a vapor barrier against blistering heat or cold breezes. Another option are cellular shades which are very popular because they come
    09 Jan, 2019
    The new year always fills people with excitement ,as well as, anxiety. One begins to reassess their life and how quickly time passes. The enjoyment of seeing family and kids only reminds you of how much you wish to get done. When everybody leaves after the holidays one becomes very aware of all those projects that you never got to or completed. Its actually the perfect time of year to get your window treatments and upholstery done. Many of the workrooms are quiet and just getting back from the
  9. 11 Dec, 2018
    I recently met with a designer and his new client at a job site in Franklin Lakes. The home was new construction with lots of exposed windows. The home owner was worried about privacy, sun light and safety. They were expecting to use the same type of shade in all the window. Well, we ended up having to use the following: ​ *Cordless shades in the kids rooms for safety. *Remote control shades in hard to reach places like the master bath and two story foyer. *Top down bottom up shades in the walk