Oct 23, 2018


I'd like to discuss how I help customers go about selecting the right fabric for window treatments and upholstery. Most customers are overwhelmed by the amount of choices we carry at my studio and they react many times like a deer in headlights. There are basically four steps to choosing the correct fabric for a project. The first step is what I consider to be purely instinctual. You decide on the color scheme and only select fabrics that catch your eye for no reason other than that you like it. This forces the customer to think freely and outside the box. The second step is  when you choose whether the colors you picked work well. For example, if you're looking for gray fabrics you want to make sure that its not too taupe, or too blue or too brown in tone. In the third step you decide if the pattern and scale of the fabric is cohesive. This is where one makes the most amount of mistakes. I usually do a lot of hand holding during this phase. I make customers aware that you don't mix floral with floral or large patterns with large patterns. You try to pick fabrics that are of opposing patterns, scales and texture to create the right balance. The last step is taking your fabric choices home and see it in the light of your room. Its amazing how different fabric looks under office lighting and then in your own home.
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Nov. 2nd 2018


Not only do interior designer use accent colors. Graphic designers use accent colors to attract customers to products and content in magazines and TV advertising. Painters used accent paint colors to help define the architectural details and spaces in a home. When it come to window treatments and upholstery accent fabrics and colors do the following:

(A) It allows the customer express their own personal style and individuality.

(B) It can create the mood in a room. For example, soft neutral fabrics evoke a sense of tranquility and reflection. Bold fabrics make the atmosphere in a room more vibrant and inviting.

(C) When it comes to the change in weather one has the freedom to transform their environment with every season in an eclectic variety of fabrics and colors that define the coming spring, summer and fall.

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Nov. 8rd 2018


Many home owners that are on the fence about whether to buy a new piece of furniture or doing upholstery especially when they have small children and pets. this is a common problem with high traffic areas like living rooms and dens. It makes no sense to buy new furniture or go through the expense of reupholstering especially if it's going to get stained and beat up. The perfect solution is having us make a custom fitted slip cover. We can find you an affordable fabric that can easily be removed and cleaned. My slip cover professional comes to your home. They then cut and pin the slip cover fabric on site just like fitting a dress. You get to keep your furniture and we return a few weeks later to install your new slip cover. Many people will think you got new furniture. Don't worry we won't tell them that its just slip covered.